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Curriculum Coaching is here! 
Many customers have requested information on how to integrate my products with their own curriculum. My team and I will help you with any of the following:
  • Incorporate liberal arts into your curriculum
  • Incorporate humanities into your curriculum
  • Incorporate my products into your curriculum
  • Scaffolding assignments 
  • Creating assignments that engage the upper levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Creating interdisciplinary assignments
  • Creating interdisciplinary courses
  • Navigating CCSS standards
  • Teaching non-fiction texts
  • Teaching critical thinking and textual analysis
  • Developing transformative learning 
We help integrate a liberal arts component into any curriculum. We have worked with high school teachers, home school facilitators, and college and university lecturers.
Our services are customizable to suit your needs and we sell ready-made full-year curriculum packages.
We focus on philosophy, ethics, critical thinking, religion, jurisprudence, and art. 
Our services are diverse, ranging from one-off products to creating entire curriculums.
Our prices are below:

$85 an hour individual

5 sessions = $425 and 30 minutes free OR $50 in products

10 sessions = $850 and 30 minutes free AND $50 in products OR one hour free

Please purchase and then email me at: to setup a Google Meet time. I use Google Meet as it is easy to use and you don’t have to sign up to use it.


Copyright © Liberal Arts Lite
Please remember that any of the products that you download from my website are my copyrighted property and licensed only for you to share with your direct students. If another teacher wants to use these same products, they will need to purchase them directly from my website, TpT store, or you may purchase an additional license for them. None of my products may be shared online. Posting of my copyrighted materials may happen only in a password-protected environment, such as Google Classroom, and accessed only by your students. Posting on public websites (WordPress, Blogger, Facebook Groups, etc.) is strictly prohibited.


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