Earth Day is upon us and each year it becomes more imperative that we celebrate Mother Earth and all of her bounty. And what better way to celebrate than to educate? Whether you are meeting your class in person or through remote or distance learning, you can still celebrate and educate how to properly care for our planet. Infographics are a relatively new type of text that has become increasingly popular in publications such as newspapers, websites, and even textbooks. Its increased use thus necessitates instruction and inclusion into the classroom. Infographics are also a fun way for students to learn about important topics affecting the environment and work together to demonstrate their understanding.

The SHARE THE EARTH INFOGRAPHIC BUNDLE is, like our planet, growing. Right now, 10 products are available, but it will grow to include more infographic products focused on topics affecting the planet. Some of the more salient topics include single-use plastic such as water bottles and plastic bags, fast-fashion, wildfires, factory farming, and GMO / non-GMO / GMO additives.


The next two topics to be included in this growing bundle are overpopulation and pollution, two topics that significantly impact our planet.

The image below is of carbon monoxide and how it plays a role in climate change and pollution.


The image below is of A WHALE SHARK. It is endangered.

I also have an Earth Day product that focuses on animals: EARTH DAY ANIMAL BUNDLE.


Each product in these bundles contain infographic worksheets as PDFs that can be printed or uploaded. The recommended printing size is 11 x 17. Also included is a link to the infographic worksheet for students to use interactively on Google Classroom or other online platforms. In addition to both the print and interactive versions of the infographic, there are several links that are included to provide more information on each subject. In my Share the Earth Bundle there are links in each product, and there is an information sheet as a bonus file in my Earth Day Animal Bundle. Whether you’re using the print or interactive version, each product requires no prep and is ready to go! 

Google Classroom and other Google products such as Google Docs and Slides are very effective in delivering instruction remotely. One of the reasons why I like these bundles and these products so much is that they are versatile in how you can apply them to your classroom. You can use them in person or through online platforms, but you can also use them in a variety of settings including homework, group work, class review, research prompts, and even emergency lesson plans. 

Teaching remotely can be a challenge, especially if, as a teacher, you are accustomed to meeting in person with your students. However, with no-prep activities like my Share the Earth Bundle and my Earth Day Animal Bundle, you can still engage students in important topics and discussions just as you did before. 

It is my sincere hope that you find these activities both engaging and intellectually stimulating for your students, as well as helpful!

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Thanks for visiting and HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!!

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